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The oval was used as a community space before it was officially converted into a grassed oval.  The fundraising events to transition the land into an oval included events such as a rodeo in March 1954 and cart racing.  Locals assisted in the construction with their own earth moving equipment.

Today, the Houghton Oval – Houghton, Inglewood and Hermitage Memorial Park, is used as a recreational park and sporting ground hosting the Houghton Raiders.  It hosts the Houghton Spring Fair and Remembrance Day Service, and is available for use by the public. As an act of remembrance, the memorial walk and remembrance wall was opened by Alexander Downer in 2005.

History of the Houghton, Inglewood; Hermitage Memorial Park & Houghtonfest. 

In the early 1950’s, community members of the Houghton, Inglewood and Hermitage districts came up with the idea to create a local park for community use. A local committee was formed, and all families within the districts of Houghton, Inglewood and Hermitage were asked to contribute £5 to purchase a parcel of land and build a local space. Legend has it that all families in the district contributed, bar one – whose name has never been revealed. The land was purchased from Mr (Hector) Ray Johns in 1951 and has been uniquely owned and managed by the local community from that day. Fundraising to improve the oval for sporting teams and community use has been ongoing via community auctions and events for many years.

However, the vision of having a community centre as a central point for the community, remains clear in the mind of residents and the Memorial Park Committee, but this requires significant fundraising.

Soldiers Memorial Walk

This Walk commemorates the sacrificial service of men and women from the Houghton, Inglewood, Paracombe and Hermitage districts who served and died at war.

Men and women of this district, many of whom are recorded on the monument in the Houghton Village Square, were called upon to serve our nation in theatres of war in far away places. Their departure interrupted the peace and security of rural life and shattered the sense of isolation and safety long enjoyed. The heavy toll among those who served had a devastating impact on those who remained at home.

It still has impact today.

It is in honour and memory of those who served to bring the freedom we enjoy today, that this walk is dedicated.

Further information about the Walk can be found on the Walking SA Website.


our committee

The Houghton Oval is run by a committee which meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month, 7pm and we invite all community members to attend.

If you would like to volunteer on the committee, please send an email to hihmpark@gmail.com.

Willunga Recreation Park

Community Run Oval

The Houghton Oval - Houghton, Inglewood and Hermitage Memorial Park acknowledges the land and people of Country Peramangk & Kaurna.

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